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Are you feeling stuck, loss of purpose, or just not your usual self?  
Are you suffering from low mood, irritability, anxiety, and lack of concentration? Is fatigue difficult to shift?
Perhaps you've noticed a change in your sleep or appetite patterns, which are beginning to affect mood and energy levels? 

 Are you running on 'empty', struggling with weight gain or work-life balance? Does your wellbeing concern you despite doing all the right things?  

If you have answered YES to two or more of the above, then you may be suffering from symptoms of BURNOUT.

Common health issues presented through the wellbeing clinic since October 2020 include stress, lack of purpose, exhaustion, anxiety, grief, low mood, fatigue, breathlessness, weight gain, high BP and cholesterol, and pre-diabetes. 60% of symptoms were new presentations - in otherwise healthy individuals. 

Clients who engaged in non-clinical (drugless) holistic interventions achieved their desired health goals. 90% of clients experienced Physical,  Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, & Energetic Balance through naturopathic coaching and lifestyle modifications. 

A 30 min well-being interview will be arranged, to assess suitability before bespoke holistic coaching is offered.

Places are limited. 


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An opportunity to share your story and explore how

holistic coaching can

facilitate your re-connection to inner-wisdom & power. 

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Wellbeing Coaching 

6 sessions / 3 months 


Seasonal Vitality Plan  

A seasonal immersion 

(12-15 months)

From Burnout to Balance


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Leadership Coaching 

Zen Leadership 

DOT principle 


Personal Coaching 

Transitions & Life Change 

Step into your power 


Spiritual Coaching 

Grief & Loss 

Wellbeing Events 2022 

British Association of Dermatologists
Thrivers Guide - Movement as Medicine - Feb 
Survivors Guide - Burnout to Balance - July 

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A Holistic Wellbeing Experience 


This is not a quick-fix 'program', there is no 'magic pill'.
It's a commitment to engage with one of the greatest healing forces available to mankind.

The lifestyle recommendations are seasonally themed and paced.
You will learn to embed the language of nature seasonally and in return nurture your mind-body-spirit through the therapeutic healing properties of food, herbs, spices, functional movement, and lifestyle modifications. 

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Natural Wellbeing 


The healing power of seasonal food,

herbs and spices with Gee 

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The Seasonal Vitality Plan
'Let food be your medicine, medicine be your food' 

  • Do you want to lose weight, but can't?

  • Have you explored various weight loss programs but nothing seems to have worked? 

  • Are you pre-diabetic, unsure how to make healthier choices to curb the cravings? 

  • Are you seeking a natural way to manage high cholesterol and blood pressure, or improve heart health?

  • Have you recently made the transition to vegan or vegetarian lifestyle? 


Did you know whilst the Mind is considered the intellectual brain, the gut is considered our 'emotional brain'? Our 'sweet tooth' cravings often comfort unprocessed conversations. Every organ has an emotional and psychological connection. The five flavors, herbs, and spices are used to create balance when the equilibrium is disturbed either by external forces or internal emotions. 

Connect with me to discover how the Seasonal Vitality Plan can facilitate your wellbeing through the seasons. Join me on my Natural Wellbeing channel, and rediscover therapeutic use of seasonal food, herbs, and spices to facilitate holistic well-being effortlessly - as Mother Nature intended.

Client Experience & Testimonials  

“A great session, gained a level of total relaxation, I haven’t had for a long time, thanks Gee"
Linda (Head of Marketing ) 

"Achieved greater awareness of triggers, was skeptical about health coaching, I feel better able to manage anxiety, sleep better and would encourage more people to use service." 


Gee provides Hope. I have searched for mind/body therapies, previous talking therapy did not work. In one session with Gee I have learned so much, feeling inspired to make a change. 

Gee's voice is calming and soothing, dispelling my anxiety and facilitating unexpected change effortlessly. 

highly recommended 



'First time I have not felt dismissed or judged. '

' feeling supported and heard' 


"I have been looking for this kind of service for many years. Gee has helped me understand why I am so tired all the time, for the first time I slept soundly. Thank You" 


'Previous counseling over the phone has been ‘matter of fact’ and impersonal, whereas talking to Gee has given me the confidence to talk from the heart and resulted in me finding alternative methods to improve my wellbeing rather than taking a tablet that plasters the problem' 

I was unsure how a health coach would help me achieve my weight loss goals as numerous attempts have failed before. I am finally seeing results following a seasonal food therapy plan. I feel emotionally balanced, motivated, and supported for the first time.


Ms J.D (50)

After the first coaching session, I felt an immediate sense of calmness. practicing the modified techniques has resolved my anxiety. I am calmer, and I enjoy visiting Gee, very inspiring.  

Positive, regular contact, uplifting environment with non-judgemental thought processes and a ‘can-do' attitude have encouraged personal mental growth. 

Thrilled with the outcome.

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