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2020 Holistic Health Mind-Body ZOOM Events

serving your lifestyle & well-being (Friday 12.30-1pm)  

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1. MINDFULNESS: Practice the Pause (30 minutes) 

Combat anxiety and stress through evidence-based guided cohesive breathing techniques. Enjoy a 30 minute guided breath awareness meditation. Designed to create a relaxed state of being. 

This technique is particularly helpful for burn-out, dispelling lethargy, brain fog or headaches caused by screen glare, or when feeling overwhelmed.  

Practice the Pause Zoom Class - Register Here

2. POSTURE: Chair Acu-Yoga (30mins) 

Whether in the office or at home, we often neglect the need to take a break from our digital work stations and mobile phones which can lead to a number of postural issues. Some of the common side effects of screen time overuse include pain and tension across the jaw, neck, shoulders, lower back and wrists, dry eyes, cluster headaches, irritation and sleepdisturbance. 

AcuYoga classes combine chair Yoga with Acupressure designed to relieve muscular pain, improve circulation and promote postural wellbeing from excessive mobile phone or desktop activity. 

The classes are fun, easy, time efficient and do not require a yoga mat or Lycra!

You may find the following props handy for these classes: 

•  yoga belt or towel 

•  a long broomstick

•  yoga block or standard size shoebox

Chair Acu-Yoga Zoom Class - Register Here


Canada & USA

Payment accepted via

 INTERAC E-transfer:


Once payment has been received, you will receive Zoom registration details an hour before your class is due. 

3. PARTNER WORK: Head & Shoulder Massage (30-40 mins) - Private classes only 

Grab your partner and book a private guided head, neck and shoulder massage. Learn effective acupressure massage techniques based on Shiatsu to restore wellbeing.

Relieve headaches and dissolve tension, with the added benefit of enhancing partner bonding!

Caution: Please practice COVID19 safety. 

Head & Shoulder Massage Zoom Class - Register Here

Email or text for a FREE trial

+44 7802461998 

Monthly Pass  

£40.00 - UK / EU

$60.00 - USA / Canada  


Regular practice of modified Mind-Body techniques enhance self-care. Time-sensitive classes designed to renew, rebalance and energise. 

•  Improves postural, mental and emotional wellbeing.

•  Improve productivity teamwork and camaraderie. 

•  Enhanced resilience, energy and motivation.

•  Invites greater harmony at home. 

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