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Can you resonate with any of the challenges I've described? 
What would it mean to reduce local and systemwide work pressure by embedding ARR's, and proactive frameworks to achieve QOF through multi-therapy engagement and cohesive teamwork?  
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Hi I am Gee, a Leadership Coach with three decades of experience within the health industry.  In 2020 I was recruited by Havering North PCN to establish a non-clinical Health & Wellbeing Service to provide proactive holistic lifestyle interventions to manage population wellbeing-demand due to workforce pressures imposed by the pandemic.    

Operational Leadership responsibilities:  
  • Multi Therapy Wellbeing Specialist (non-clinical) and Health coach mentor 

  • Long-COVID recovery non-clinical audit lead 

  • UCLP LTC Proactive Framework implementation - complex pathway development, lifestyle integration, collaborative cross-functional teams (Social prescribers, health coaches, care coordinators, mental health practitioners and Clinical pharmacists) 

  • Personalised care MDT Faculty Lead (CEPN)

  • NDA Champion for Havering North PCN 

  1. Holistic Wellbeing Service Patient Reported Outcome Measures (2020/21) 

  2. Long-COVID Recovery - patient stories 

  3. Navigating integration - developing multi-therapy complex pathways to enable proactive and collaborative interventions for patients at risk of  developing CVD and Diabetes (UCLP Long Term Conditions project) 

  • National recognition and benchmark status for embedding ARRs  

  • Developed and delivered complex multi-therapy pathways to enable proactive care integration 

  • Enable PCN to enhance patient access through coordinated, collaborative, proactive, service solutions. 

  • Identified unmet Long-COVID needs 

  • Meeting QOF, IIF, DES and CQC 5* status through streamlining pathways and deploying ARRs 

  • PCNwide engagement 


Client Experience & Testimonials  

Wellbeing Service delivery & optimisation - Havering North PCN

I would like to personally congratulate Gee for achieving fantastic feedback and outcomes through her well-being service and non-clinical holistic interventions.

Her work was showcased in the PCN meeting for everyone to have a better understanding of what can be achieved by Heath and well-being coaching and the wider scope of her work.

I am also impressed by her naturopathic interventions in the post-COVID syndrome. I think this should be shared and adapted by the wider team.

Gee is a highly valued member of the team. HNPCN is proud of her input toward patient care and operational leadership of UCLP proactive framework project. 

Dr Jwala Gupta, GP Principle 

Clinical Director Havering North PCN 

Workshop - Team Engagement / Embedding UCLP Hypertension Frameworks

'Well organised, prepared and facilitated, extremely content with the delivery and outcome' 

- Dr Rao & Dr O'Moore (Clinical Directors, South Havering PCN)

'Gee delivered a very calm, well-prepared, informative engaging workshop. Her skills to recognise when people need to refocus and engage are excellent and her exercises work! The workshop gave the PCN an opportunity to come together, reflect, think about the future and gather enthusiasm to move forward. Highly recommended! '

- Catherine Oates - South Havering Primary Care Network Manager 

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Long-COVID Recovery patient stories 

Holistic Wellbeing Service Patient Reported Outcome Measures (2020/21)


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