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Explore delicious seasonal recipes, 

infused with the healing power of herbs and spices -



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Are you looking to reinvigorate your meal plans with healthier options?
Or perhaps you’d like to explore a plant based diet but don’t know where to begin?
Are you overwhelmed or confused with quick-fix diets and detoxes and just want to enjoy good food without worrying about weight gain?

I invite you to join me in the heart of my home, in my Natural Wellbeing Kitchen for an unforgettable immersion of good mood food, seasonal herbs and sensual spices guaranteed to seduce the taste buds, massage your emotions and nourish your organs from the inside out - as Mother nature intended!

Your body & health are by products of the way you live and food choices you make. If you truly desire a change in your body and state of health, without counting calories and compromising your taste buds, the Seasonal Vitality Plan is the answer.

This is not about short-term quick fi􏰁x diets – it's a seasonal eating plan for the entire year to achieve your health goals effortlessly. 

The Natural Wellbeing kitchen introduces therapeutic recipes and medicinal use of food, herbs and spices  designed to return integrity to the body in synergy with the seasonal cycles to enhance energy, improve mood and maintain homeostasis naturally.


Tailored education and coaching to facilitate your wellbeing based on your body type. 

  • Explore healthier food choices  ( prevent cravings and comfort eating ) 

  • Achieve optimal weight, naturally!

  • Preserve wellbeing (prevent dis-ease) and manage stress physiology 

  • Rebalance your internal body clock and sleep patterns 

  • Improve immune health, digestive health, endocrine & hormonal balance, bone health and skin vitality.

  • personalised cookery demonstrations to improve vitality and replenish energy 

  • your questions answered, as we cook and dine

  • An opportunity to discuss nutritional / dietary advice and sample a soothing digestive-relaxation at the end of the workshop to aid metabolism.​

  • practical guidance on how to maintain health and avoid the common pitfalls that lead to stagnation and dis-ease.

  • Re-engage with natural body rhythms through lunar and seasonal cycles and influence on our mind-body 

  • reconnect to intuition through seasonal attunement to achieve balance, effortlessly

Explore the food, organ and emotion link  
  • The Bitter taste penetrates the Heart organ - an expression of Love and joy

  • The Sour flavour stimulates the Liver organ representing growth, vision and the ability to plan and execute.  Emotionally, sour cravings represent Kindness or internalised frustration which may emerge as shortness and anger. 

  • The Pungent avour communicates with the Lungs and Large Intestines representing   the courage to let go of what doesn’t serve us anymore. Common issues related to this is constipation, IBS and skin problems. 

  •  The Sweet flavour nourishes the Spleen organ.  Energetically it represents balance, stability or centering and the ability to celebrate the sweetness of life

  • The Salt flavour penetrates the Kidney organ - and questions our ability to listen and attain inner peace, the emotion this flavour represents is fear or willpower.

You may wish to arrange a LIVE natural wellbeing workshop in the heart of your home!

  • Gather your foodie health conscious friends and guests

  • Decide on a wellbeing topic you would like addressed, and send me an invitation for a tailored workshop.

  • It's a fantastic way to learn, share the cost of achieving well-being goals with your friends and enjoy cooking and tasting good mood food made easy. 

Why Seasonal? 

  • Anyone who is seeking to introduce healthy eating habits into their daily lifestyle.

  • Transitioning from a multi-vore to vegetarian or vegan diet. 

  • Pre and post surgery nutritional plans to optimise recovery.

  • Balancing hormonal health e.g. teens, pregnancy and menopause.

  • Specialised diets gluten free, lactose intolerance, pre-diabetic etc. 

Food Therapy - Client feedback 

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‘Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.’ – Hippocrates


Mother Nature provides all the ingredients we need, seasonally, to maintain vibrant health and preserve longevity. 

The guidance I share to facilitate your wellbeing is from personal experience and that of clients gathered over 30 years of naturopathic practice. 

Using fresh, homegrown or local, seasonal foods eaten around the time of harvest provides the greatest nourishment and vitality to maintain health. 

I grew up with these fundamental principles, helping my grandparents and parents in the garden to grow our own veg and herbs. Studying naturopathy in the 90's deepened my love affair with Nature and the healing prescriptions available to us.

Spring Wellbeing Blog 

Winter Wellbeing Blog 

Autumn Wellbeing Blog 

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“I definitely recommend this class to colleagues, family and friends!” – Lucy M

“Attending this class has motivated me to make a positive change completely.” – Michael B

“My original pre-training objectives have been met.” – Jamie C

“Relaxing, informative, interesting, tasty, lovely people... a great way to spend an afternoon.” – Claire R

Fuel your body according to the energy of the season for optimal wellbeing, and restore the gift of health and wellness today.

To arrange a seasonal vitality plan or for a LIVE culinary experience contact me here. 

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