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Makka Ho Meridian Exercises

What are the Makka Ho movements?

The Makka Ho are a set of gentle sequential self-healing exercises developed by Zen Shiatsu Master Shizuto Masunaga. The sequence of 5 stretches takes approximately twenty minutes, aligned with breathing to return integrity to the energy body through the 12 meridians (energy) channels.


· Improves circulation and the flow of vital energy (chi) to the organs

· Encourages muscular length & strength

· Improves flexibility

· Calms and focuses the mind

· Reduces Stress


Suitable for anyone and any age interested in maintaining wellbeing. Can be adapted to a seated chair or standing. Aids practitioners to cultivate chi to maintain equilibrium.

Each stretch communicates with the energy meridian associated with a season and coupled to the Yin and Yang organ. For example, in Spring it is advisable to include spiral movements and twists to help 'smooth the flow of energy through the body.

Practice daily. For optimal effect, ensure the movement is lead by the breath.



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